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Chemical Services + Products

Umaro is the preferred agent in South Africa for Powell (Fabrication & Manufacturing). We provide a complete line of products for the production, dilution, and handling of various chemicals such as chlorine, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, sulfuric acid, methanol, ammonia, phosgene, and more.


For over half a century, Powell has provided custom chemical production and processing equipment and services to chemical processors, distributors, toll blenders, contract packagers, and end-users around the globe.  With sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) production and chlorine (Cl2) processing equipment at its core, customers rely on Powell’s equipment and services to efficiently produce and transfer a broad array of chemicals and blends for a variety of industrial, municipal, and consumer uses.

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Custom Chemical Processing Solutions


Modular Chemical Production Systems


Chemical Processing Components


Chemical Processing Parts & Accessories


Chemical Manufacturing Support Services


Powell is well-known and respected in the global Chlor Alkali industry with customers in over 40 countries. Their technologies consist of a host of proprietary and patented processes custom designed and developed to meet each customer’s specific needs. These processes include sodium hypochlorite production. Powell also developed a full line of filtering, chemical blending and dilution systems, scrubbing systems, control systems, transfer systems, air treatment systems, and emergency valve closure systems.

Powell's equipment is supported with a full line of parts and accessories, while services include custom engineering, commissioning, special financing, extended warranties, and 24/7 global field engineering and technical service.

In the early 2000’s, Powell expanded its product portfolio with state-of-the-art continuous chemical blending and dilution systems that today can automatically and accurately meter over a dozen raw material streams, emergency valve closure systems, and more.

Chemical Processing Partner

Fabrication & Manufacturing

Production Systems

Production Systems

Produce high-quality, repeatable chemical solutions while reducing costs and boosting profitability. We manufacture state-of-the-art skid-based continuous and batch Bleach Systems, plus multi-stream general chemical blending and dilution systems.

Parts and Accessories

Parts & Accessories

We know you can’t afford processes to slow down or worse, come to a halt, so we make sure we carry a full stock of parts and accessories for all of our equipment to get them to you fast and keep things running smooth.

Technical Services

Technical Services

Chemical Manufacturing Support Services. Whether you need repairs, an upgrade, or troubleshooting, we listen to determine the best course of action, then do whatever it takes to find a solution fast. 

Process Components

Process Components

Purpose-built modules connect to Powell’s or other manufacturers’ chemical production systems and include scrubbers, emergency valve closure systems, chemical transfer systems, chemical filtration, and air treatment systems.

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