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Strategic Consulting

We provide strategic consulting to industry experts, Water treatment specialists, Engineering design (Process plants and Bulk handling facilities) and professionals in the FMCG, Engineering, Production and Operations Management sectors.

We work with enterprises looking to improve customer experience and compete more effectively in the value chain. With an emphasis on manufactured and traded goods in the chemical industry, we do lend our expertise to consumer products in a variety of industries as well.

Through a collaborative approach, we help you to improve customer experiences, manage cost inefficiencies and provide strategic support for moving towards more sustainable practices from supplier to customer / consumer.


Skills & Experience Background

An experienced leader in the Chemicals industry with Competencies in Project and Programme Management, Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, Sustainable development and Leadership of Senior Multi-disciplinary Teams. A great passion for simplifying business processes to drive sustainable performance.


Through our years of experience as change agents, we have been able to identify, map, re-define and implement new / improved business processes aligned to customer requirements and organisational needs. This includes considerations of potential disruptive forces that could impact organisations negatively. ​


  • Shifting the business to develop BI relating to leading indicators rather than lagging indicators to drive performance

  • Placing a spotlight on product waste and loss 

  • Reviewing the Supply chain order management process to eliminate duplicated processing and unnecessary touchpoints (system based) that extend the OTIF execution process.

  • Reviewing the works order and production process which does not allow for ‘efficiency driven’ production planning. (MRP)

Identification, planning and execution of digital transformation initiatives. A key component being the research and identification ‘what does digital mean’ in the context of business delivery and disruption for the future.

Project Management enablement of businesses with development of PM competencies through both traditional and agile methodologies to achieve business goals. Key business drivers and business process. Internal collaboration between all diverse business units.

We manage working capital through improved stock-turn cycles and FEFO management (First Expired First Out). This has required streamlined processing and re-allocation of people resources nationally to position the strongest stock-controllers where the most significant challenges are.

With a leadership style that is inclusive, yet strongly focused on accountability, we have develop strong performance driven teams.

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